This website exists because of the dedication of Eileenanddogs, who was inspired by her dog Clara, and all dogs who have caught a tick-borne disease. Clara survived but many dogs do not.  In June 2018 I took over the reigns of the site, inspired to continue to help others with tick-borne disease knowledge, following an emotional and  long fought (and won!) battle with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in my own dog, BooBoo.  You can read about that fight and journey, here.

Tickborne diseases are on the increase in North America. Humans, dogs, and other species are vulnerable.

This site is here to provide information on these diseases, how they are treated, and the best way to prevent your dogs and your family from getting bitten to begin with.

A unique feature of this site is a news page that covers the very latest information on ticks, tickborne diseases in dogs and humans, and treatments.